Garth Brooks Plays The Vatican, Attends Star-Packed Conference for Peace

Garth Brooks: "The whole message was, ‘It’s going to take all the religions and all beliefs,’ which I liked."

Garth Brooks has long been outspoken about his support for peace and equality – and last weekend, those sensibilities carried him to the Vatican.

Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, traveled to Rome, Italy, on Saturday for the World Meeting on Human Fraternity conference, which was held at the Vatican. The Fratelli Tutti Foundation asked Brooks to perform at the conference, where other International superstars, politicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and professional athletes were also dedicated to finding and promoting peace.

“You learn a lot of things,” Brooks said. “The whole message was, ‘It’s going to take all the religions and all beliefs,’ which I liked. Right now, it’s just in the talking phase, but you can’t have reality without dreams. Somebody’s got to think of it. And the hardest part, of course, is going to be making it become a reality.”

More than 350 guests, including fellow American dignitaries, NASA Administrator and former astronaut and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and football legend Tom Brady, made the journey to the event organized under the #behuman theme.

“What you find is we’re really not that different,” Brooks said. “You’re sitting at a table with [Nelson Mandela’s widow, Graca Machel] Mandela…the Cardinal [who led discussions]…Nobel Peace Prize winners and all we talked about were our children…the future…policy – stuff like that. What occurs to you is the borders that are between us are the walls we’ve built ourselves. And – it’s funny – the only ones who can take down those walls are the same people who built them.”

The group met with Pope Francis on Saturday, and Brooks said Pope Francis believes children are the answer, too. The singer was encouraged to see so many people from different backgrounds, occupations and cultures gathered to promote peace. 

“Everyone there was exactly the same,” he said. “You know, you can try to change the world, but the more important message right now is just [to] let the world know that it will not change you.”

He closed the event with an acoustic performance of “The River,” “Amazing Grace” and “The Change.”

“I tell you, it is so worth the work it’s going to take,” Brooks said. “The overall goal was that the majority of the population live in peace. That’s all they want.”

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