How Dierks Bentley Remains Out of the Tabloids

His Niche Is “Just Below the Radar”

It seems like you can’t check out at the grocery store without finding out that a country star is getting divorced, going broke, heading to rehab, or a having a handful of other sordid, headline-worthy affairs.

And yet, Dierks Bentley hasn’t fallen victim to that kind of sensationalism. At all.

I asked him if he had some kind of a strategy, but it sounds like his secret is just living his life like a normal person, like starting his day running up and down an amphitheater’s hill with his three kids Evie, Jordan and Knox.

He even passed up a few reality TV opportunities, which has probably helped keep him out of that kind of spotlight. “I feel like I’ve got a nice little niche where I stay just below the radar, which is perfect,” he told me at his recent concert in Chicago. “I just don’t want to be known for anything other than music.

“I like where I am. I like being able to go to the grocery store. If someone wants a picture, I’m so honored and so flattered, and I hope I have a reputation as someone who goes out of his way to do those kinds of things.”

It helps that Bentley has a family that keeps him grounded, because his wife Cassidy and their kids don’t seek the spotlight. They all try to maintain a low profile away from the stage.

“I put a lot of time into making sure my relationship with my family is well taken care of,” he said, “because I want to be as successful as a father as I am as an entertainer.”

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