Where Luke Bryan Is the "Happiest Man on the Gulf"

Inside His Santa Rosa Home

The inside of Luke Bryan's four-story vacation home sweet home in Florida is nice. Extremely nice. But honestly, after seeing some of the outdoor living spaces, I don't know why anyone would ever go into the house.

The porch overlooks the ocean, and has a couch and a hanging daybed, which is like one part bed and one part hammock. Then there is basically a full dining room on the terrace. And if you need a quick shower after a swim, there are even outdoor showers -- with vintage surfboards as their backdrops.

So it makes sense that the outdoors is Bryan's happy place.

"This is where Luke and I can actually relax and not run 100 miles per hour," Caroline Bryan told Traditional Home. "Typically, all five kids (sons Tate and Bo, nieces Kris and Jordan, and nephew Til) are here with us. There is nothing better. And Luke can fish all day, which makes him the happiest man on the Gulf."

The Bryans named their renovated home "Snowman" as a way to remember Luke's late brother, Chris. Chris loved golf, but it didn't always love him back. His nickname was Snowman, because a snowman is when a golfer scores an eight on one hole (named for the way the number eight look like a snowman's body).

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