Carrie Underwood Has Three Flaws

New "Heartbeat" Video Sparks Real Talk on Twitter

When Carrie Underwood posted her new video for her song "Heartbeat" on Twitter Tuesday morning (Dec. 1), she waited around to see how her fans would react.

And then, she reacted.

Underwood stayed on social media for a while, thanking people for their feedback - all good - and even answering a few random questions while she was at it.

Like when morning news hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb said they adored her:

When Kelsea Ballerini told her she was "STUNNING":

Then her fans started with the questions and general comments. The best of which was, "Have yet to find a flaw in @carrieunderwood."

She responded immediately to that one, with a few of her flaws:

Another fan asked her which dance she'd ever dance on live TV, and she decided on the way Drake dances in his "Hotline Bling" video.

And when another fan accused her of blocking him, she admitted she does block some people. But only meanie faces.

Finally, at around midnight, she had to log off.

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