WATCH: Lady A's Hillary Scott and Daughter Sing Amy Grant Classic

Scott also recently interviewed her daughter for the podcast Country Faith Radio with Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott is not only a member of country trio Lady A, but she's also a proud mom!

Scott recently welcomed her 8-year-old daughter Eisele as her special guest during a concert in St. Louis. Lady A later shared a series of photos and videos from the show to Instagram. In one video, Scott and Eisele sing together on the Amy Grant classic "Baby, Baby." Scott sings the beginning verse, with Eisele joining in as Scott smiles and looks on with pride.

“St. Louis, you came to party!!!” the photos and video were captioned. “Eisele definitely stole the show and we loved making memories with all of you!!”

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On a recent episode of Country Faith Radio with Hillary Scott on Apple Music Radio, Scott interviewed Eisele, including talking about Eisele being surprised with a puppy named Boomerang.

"I came back from my grandma and grandpa's house for a sleepover," Eisele said. "Dad and Mom said that I would have a surprise, an early Christmas present. I didn't know what it was. I thought it was just going to be like something in a wrapper, like Barbies or LOLs or something that I like. Actually, I got home and I asked my dad if I can have my present now and my dad blindfolded me. Then my mom came in with a puppy."

"That's right," Scott said.

"A sheepadoodle," Eisele said. "I was really surprised when I got to feel it. I was like, 'It's a puppy.' I was so excited."

Scott also offered a bit of backstory on the new puppy. "Eisele had been asking for a dog for several months, she'd been saving up her money. Truly the night before Chris and I were going to pick up Boomer, we call him Boomer, she and I were talking about how much money she'd saved up and how...I remember you said this, you go, 'Mom if I can't get a puppy for Christmas, can I get a puppy for my birthday? I've saved up $37.' And Eisele, talk about happy tears. It was so sweet and incredible of you to be thinking so much about how you wanted to get a puppy and that you were going to save your money and contribute to getting him. And it was so beautiful. And I remember you told the story beautifully. We blindfolded you, I let him kind of walk toward you on the rug in the living room, right by the Christmas tree. And he's been such a joy. Talk about a happy thing that's happened over the last year."

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