Garth Brooks To Launch Las Vegas Residency Tonight, Reveals 2024 Residency Dates

Garth Brooks: "It's going to be fun because – the truth is – I'm comin' home," he says of his 45-date residency.

Garth Brooks will open his Las Vegas residency Garth Brooks/Plus ONE at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace tonight. While his 2023 run of shows is sold out, Brooks announced 18 dates for his 2024 residency shows this morning.

Fans can register to buy tickets now through Thursday, May 25 at 5 p.m. PT at

"When the 2023 shows went on sale, I felt extremely fortunate and blessed," Brooks said in a statement. "To even think I would get to do this for another year makes me happier than I can explain. Thank you for the chance."

Fans who signed up and were unable to purchase tickets for the 2023 dates will have first access to tickets to the 2024 shows. More information will be sent via email.

As for what will happen tonight when the residency opens, Brooks says he knows "it's going to be good."

"It's going to be fun because – the truth is – I'm comin' home," he says of his 45-date residency.

Brooks launched his wildly successful 5-year, nearly 200-show residency at The Wynn in 2009. While that was a one-man show, Brooks said this is a "one-man show – Plus ONE."

"Vegas is the place where anything goes," he said, explaining, "Plus ONE" will vary nightly. "There's not a far seat in this building. So the whole thing is an intimate thing…very nice…just the way we want it."

As for what the "Plus One" means, Brooks said that's where the audience comes in.

"That's the 'Plus One!' I just want to hear you guys singing, you know?" he said. "And I know you can sing. I'd love to hear…you know…just to hear you guys sing because it's my favorite thing, man, is when people sing along."

Brooks plans to make every Garth Brooks/Plus ONE show different, with varying band members and occasional special guests. The singer might swap up instrumentation, background singers, or his set list to make each night a unique and memorable experience for the audience in the intimate space.

"Having Garth Brooks, one of the greatest of all time, bring his tremendous talent and an entirely new show to The Colosseum only adds to the remarkable legacy of Caesars Palace," said Anthony Carano, President and Chief Operating Officer for Caesars Entertainment, in a statement. "We are confident that Garth Brooks/Plus ONE will be an unforgettable live entertainment experience for our guests, and we are honored that he's chosen to join the Caesars Entertainment family."

Shows on Saturday and Sunday will follow tonight's launch. Brooks will return to Caesar's Palace to continue his residency next weekend.  

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