CMT Roundup: New Music From Kameron Marlowe, Karley Scott Collins, Dylan Schneider and more

Check out CMT's favorite new country songs of the week on CMT Roundup playlist and in the story below.

Halloween is in the rearview mirror and Thanksgiving is next up on this list this holiday season. In the spirit of the season, country music fans have much to be thankful for this week with new music from artists including Kameron Marlowe, Madeline Edwards, Sam Williams, Blanco Brown and more.

Check out these new songs and others on CMT's Roundup playlist and in the story below.

Kameron Marlowe, "Tennessee Don't Mind": "To me, Tennessee in this instance really represents Music City," admits Marlowe. "There is a give and take with chasing this dream, and the past two years have been a whirlwind. There's a lot of 'life' we miss out on being on the road – something no one prepares you for. I feel the most at home on the road and sometimes that's the scary part. The music just consumes you, and sometimes it's hard to get out of your own head."

MacKenzie Porter with Elijah Woods, "Last Girl": "I'm such a fan of Elijah's music, and when he brought me this song, I knew I had to be a part of it," Porter shares. "It's the perfect mix of honest country lyricism and dreamy pop. I'm so excited to collaborate with another incredible Canadian artist."

Wood added: "As soon as I heard MacKenzie's vocals, I knew she would be perfect for 'Last Girl.' It was written with a blend of easy-listening pop and country undertones."

Madeline Edwards, "Perfect Christmas": "Welcome to my home for the holidays," Edwards wrote on Instagram. "I hope you enjoy the decor. 'Perfect Christmas' is out now."

Sam Williams, "I Hate The Holidays": "The holiday season has always been a little tough for me, but more so after losing a lot of my family. It can't be a time of celebration for everyone… really cold weather and seeing perfect holiday cards kind of bother me, so I made this record," shares Williams. "I believe just knowing other folks feel things you do, too, can help a little bit. Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a beautiful season in spite of pain and holds their loved ones close."

Blanco Brown, "Take Me Home, Country Roads": "Getting asked by the John Denver estate to put a new spin on this song was just incredible," recalls Blanco. "I remember hearing this song at football games, and it always had that big anthem feel. 

When the estate shared the original tracks, I could hear John's banter before and after, so I really got a feel of what John was feeling when he sang this hit. I just love this song, and we got to toss some 808 beats and high hats on it to give it a whole new energy."

Karley Scott Collins, "Heavy Metal": "'Heavy Metal' is absolutely the most specific and personal song I've written and released to this point," shared Collins. "One Wednesday afternoon a few months ago, one of my closest friends FaceTimed me in tears, sitting in her living room with a bottle of wine because her husband had done something selfish again, and it wasn't the first time I'd gotten that call. She married someone too young, that she didn't know well enough yet, and she felt alone - and it was really difficult to watch someone I love feel that way. I've seen the good side of marriage from my parents, but I've also seen the bad side through my friends, and some of my family, and I wanted to write about that because I think some people needed to hear that they're not alone in what they're going through."

Travis Denning, "Going Places": "I think "Going Places" is a sonic departure from where I've usually been known to go," said Denning. "Lyrically, I wanted to paint a picture of a storyline of two people that ran together then blew apart into two very different lives. I tried to challenge myself to think outside of my normal comfort zone melodically and musically with this one, and that's been the motive for all the new music I've been working on."

Dylan Schneider, "Daddy Drinks Whiskey": "I wrote this song a few years ago after going through a very difficult time, and this song gives a little glimpse into what that looked like," Schneider admits. "I hope that people can hear my story and know that they aren't alone when going through similar times."

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