Craig Campbell Instills "Family Man" Values to His Daughters

New country artist Craig Campbell can't raise his kids the exact same way he was raised. But he's OK with that. He told me yesterday that his current life in a subdivision near Nashville isn't at all like where he grew up in southern Georgia harvesting tobacco. "I can't give my daughters that kind of life I had. But I can give them the values I learned, and raise 'em up right," he said. You can see Campbell's real life daughters, Preslee, 2, (the one in pigtails and cowboy boots) and Kinni, 10 weeks, in his debut video, "Family Man." As the song says, his family is the world his world revolves around and his sacred piece of solid ground. "Whenever I'm away," he said, "I get so excited about coming home. How much I miss them is exponential because of how long I'm gone." That love is in Campbell's eyes throughout the entire video. When the husband and wife in the video are writing simultaneous love letters to each other, the message of the song comes through loud and clear: If you love someone, let them know.

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