Premiere: Callista Clark Takes Ownership of Her Creative Ambition in "It's 'Cause I Am" Video

One of Clark's earliest performances was singing with superstar Jennifer Nettles

Newcomer Callista Clark stands her ground and takes ownership of her creative ambitions in her song "It's 'Cause I Am," a track as spunky as it is reflective.

I can’t help that I’m one of a kind/I’m more than meets the eye/If I ain’t what you like Well that’s alright/You want a one-dimensional woman/It’s okay, I understand/If I seem too complicated for ya Mmm it’s ‘cause I am, she sings.

Clark was inspired to write the song after she was criticized by a stranger simply for being a young girl with big dreams. Fortunately, Clark also looked to the careers of strong, confident performers such as fellow Georgia native Jennifer Nettles as she's cultivated her skills as a singer, writer and multi-instrumentalist. One of Clark's earliest performances was joining Nettles onstage as part of a 4-H event. Since that time, she's inked a deal with Big Machine Label Group and co-wrote every song on her debut EP Real to Me. The songs from the EP easily meld country's detail-oriented lyrics with pop and rock sensibilities.

On "It's 'Cause I Am," this singer-songwriter is self-assured and comfortable in the knowledge that her creativity, ambitions and singular perspective on the world delve deeper than some of her contemporaries. Clark's co-writers on the track are Cameron Jaymes and Laura Veltz--Veltz being known for her work on hits including Maren Morris' CMA-winning track "The Bones."

Clark tells CMT about the making of the video, which was directed by Audrey Ellis Fox.

What do you remember most about the day/night you shot this video?

What I remember most is getting dressed up in amazing outfits, getting my hair and makeup done in super cool ways, getting to sing all day long, and getting to act out the true emotions of this song — which is a lot of sass and a lot of confidence. I got to do everything I love all in one day!

How does the video bring your song to life?

This video was everything I have ever dreamed of. I love fashion and dressing up, so when I first heard the idea that I was going to be dressed up in different decade rooms to show different sides of me, I was sold. This video does a fabulous job of showing that everyone is multidimensional. No one is easy to figure out, and that’s what this song it about.

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

Don’t try and change yourself to make someone else happy. Say how you’re feeling, and one day someone will understand it and love you for who you are. You are not complicated, you are unique. You are not weird, you are your own person. You are not overdramatic, you just care. And that's okay!

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

Seeing the finished video for the first time was an incredible feeling. It was a 12 hour video shoot and so much work went into it. It’s been hard to keep it a secret, so when I saw the finished product I knew I was one step closer to being able to share it. I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally out!

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