Carrie Underwood Calls Reese Witherspoon Her Style Icon

Pretty, Feminine and Ladylike Trumps Edgy

In a new video on Refinery 29, Carrie Underwood answers 29 quick questions. So I learned a few new things about her.

Like that her first job was working at a gas station. And that she owns more than 250 pairs of shoes, and she's kind of embarrassed about it. And that she can bench press 100 pounds.

But the part I love the most was when she talked about how Reese Witherspoon was her style icon.

"Nothing's ever too edgy or whatever. It's all very pretty and feminine and ladylike," Underwood said.

And all of that pretty and feminine and ladylike style looks best with lean, toned legs, the kind Underwood says she gets from doing squats and lunges, while she's holding weights.

She also reveals in the interview that she and her husband Mike Fisher are currently building a new home and that musically she is going to be in in a "very creative space this year."

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