BRELAND Discusses Working With Keith Urban, Keeping a Fresh Perspective

The self-proclaimed "Pen-Point Guard" and the Australian superstar share a love of "songwriting and trying new things"

BRELAND's seemingly ever-growing list of recent songwriting and performance collaborators has reached an early peak with his back-to-back singles with Australian country superstar Keith Urban. Urban's electrified, breakbeat-driven dance track "Out The Cage" features the New Jersey native creator, while BRELAND's just-released country twerk party anthem "Throw It Back" is an Urban duet. While on CMT's red carpet before performing on the Awards stage alongside both Mickey Guyton and soul legend Gladys Knight, he offered a few opinions on both his incredible collaborators, plus how he attempts to keep his voluminous output consistently fresh and entertaining.

"Working with new people, plus inputting and being inspired by as much new music and as many new sounds as possible is enough. Or, going out to Los Angeles, traveling up to Atlanta, or going to New York City keeps things fresh. Just like my [2021-released] single, it's actually 'Cross Country' for me," he says, regarding his unique strategy. "Overall, locking in on strong concepts and telling good stories are core principles in my work."

BRELAND's previously-mentioned new work with Urban features both of these ideas at work as far as fresh songs with strong concepts. Regarding this notion, the singing songwriter offers the following thoughts:

"Keith is always someone wanting to blend genres, and obviously that's important to me, too. So whenever we get together, he's bringing that classic rock influence to his stuff, and I have a soul and gospel background. It's our shared love of songwriting and trying new things, though, that makes our collaborative work feel special."

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