Zac Brown Criticizes Country Song Cliches

Zac Brown is loving a new Sheryl Crow song called "Waterproof Mascara" because it's so country. But other than that, the country music that's on the radio right now?

"If I hear one more tailgate-in-the-moonlight, Daisy Duke song, I'm gonna throw up," he said in a recent interview with Canadian radio station JRFM in Vancouver.

He admits in the interview that he sounds like his dad and granddad, but he feels very strongly about what's happening in the genre.

"You can look and see some of the same songwriters on every one of the songs," Brown said. "There's been, like, 10 No. 1 songs in the last two or three years that were written by the same people, and it's the exact same words, just arranged different ways."

He cites Luke Bryan's new single, "That's My Kind of Night," as an example of that.

"I love Luke Bryan, and he's had some great songs, but this new song is the worst song I've ever heard," he said. "I know Luke. He's a friend."

Still, Brown isn't a fan of the song.

"I see it being giant commercially successful in what is called country music these days, but I also feel like the people deserve something better than that," he said. "Country fans and country listeners deserve to have something better ... a song that really has something to say, something that makes you feel something. Good music makes you feel something."

Brown took to Twitter after the interview to explain what he'd meant, so people don't take the comment out of context.

"My opinion is not about Luke as an artist, it's about that song. He didn't write it. I'm a fan of Luke, but definitely not that song," he wrote.

And I think that's only natural that you can love an artist but hate a song. Just about every country artist these days is going to have a range from the super frivolous to the deeply meaningful.

So just as Bryan has "My Kind of Night" and "Drunk on You," he also has "The Car in Front of Me" and "Do I." And just as Brown has "Goodbye in Her Eyes" and "Colder Weather," he also has "Chicken Fried" and "Knee Deep." Neither one of those specifically mention tailgates, moonlight and cutoffs, but there are plenty of references to Friday nights, beer, jeans and the rural lifestyle.

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