The #NashvilleCMT Recap [SPOILER ALERT]

It's OK That It’s Not OK

Nashville was on on Thursday night (June 1), picking up right where it left off after Rayna died. Maybe not right after. It was more like ten weeks later.

And in TV time, ten weeks is plenty of time to learn to walk again and record an album that's totally out of your wheelhouse. That seemed to be the case for Juliette, who was strolling around her Grateful album release party like she was never in a plane crash. Once she found out that critics, fans and gospel fans all hated it, though, that put a little hitch in her gitalong.

But it didn't stop her from criticizing Maddie's first single during the final recording session. Juliette told her those four little words no artist wants to hear -- "It's not a single."

Her advice? Add a stronger hook. Maddie questioned how much of an pro Juliette even was, because, "Why didn't your album work?" Ouch, right? Maddie finally came around and recorded Juliette's hookier version of the song because her boyfriend Clay liked it better.

Even with a little bit of studio drama, Maddie's #BelleMeadeProblems seem like nothing compared to her sister Daphne's clinical depression.

Daphne is in 7th grade, and has a typical middle school attitude, complete with the sassy backtalk for (her sister's biological father and her late mother's husband) Deacon:

"I only missed like four assignments."

"We could all die at anytime."

"You don't know me. I'm not Maddie. You're trying to make us a family but we're not."

"Screw you."

He tried to be sympathetic, helping her build an Amelia Earhart airplane for the history class she's failing, and taking her to see a therapist.

Still, though, Daphne skips school one day and befriends Liz, a homeless girl about her age.

Finally, after a big dish full of Rayna's famous Silly Noodle Casserole and some kind words from Deacon -- "It's OK to feel like things are not OK" -- Daphne came around and the new mini-family shared a group hug.

During business hours, though, Deacon was having his own crisis trying to run Rayna's Highway 65. Mostly because friend and now financier Zack said he wanted to disrupt the music industry and capitalize on the currency of attention and other next generation business cliches.

And while it's easy to hate Zack at work, he was downright lovable at home as Will's new boyfriend. He even goes to one of Will's shows and comes home in a t-shirt from the merch table.

The rest of Will's guy squad -- Gunnar and Avery -- had a heart to heart over the emotional roller coaster of Scarlett's pregnancy. A DNA paternity test excluded Gunnar as the biological father, meaning the baby is Damien's.

Gunnar took the news hard, but Avery knew just what to say. "Can't it still be you and her and the baby? We all get sold this fantasy that life's gonna be easy. Hurts like hell when you learn the truth. You can't push that kind of pain away. You gotta own it. That's being a man."

After that, it was Gunnar who had some talking to do, running over to Scarlett's house and professing his love and asking her, "Please can we just try?"

Here's a preview of the next episode of Nashville premiering June 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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