CMT Premiere: Twinnie's "Lonely Long" Video Tells Fans "Nobody Is Worth Crying Over"

Twinnie acted in, directed and edited her sassy new video for "Lonely Long."

When fans see Twinnie’s new video for her song “Lonely Long,” they’ll get the full view of Twinnie’s artistry at work.

Twinnie co-wrote “Lonely Long” with Tommy Lee James and John Luke Carter. And, she edited and directed the video herself.

“It’s a very exhausting process but very rewarding,” Twinnie said. “When I storyboard my videos, I have a rough outline but I don’t have all the shots written out so I’m going off instinct and letting the song guide me. Most of the time that works.”

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, she has to improvise, which can be stressful when combined with acting in the clips. But she said there’s no better feeling than the editing process when she goes back through the shots and realizes she got exactly what she wanted.

“The icing on the cake is when I hit play, and I have a first edit,” she said. “This one was especially rewarding, and I’m always so proud that we pulled it off.”

Twinnie wanted “Lonely Long” to have a modern Western vibe and borrowed a horse to help create it.

“I think the visuals tell the narrative of the song really well,” she said. “I knew I wanted a horse, a cowboy and some dancing in the video so It was just a case of creating a story and slotting them in.”

The British songstress explained it’s a breakup story but not the kind where the woman laments the man’s departure.

“She welcomes him leaving if he wants to go, but he needs to make sure he’s sure because there is no coming back,” she said. “That is the sentiment of the song and video - if someone doesn’t choose you, choose yourself.”

Twinnie borrowed the horse from her friend, Chelsea, and because she hadn’t ridden in years, she needed a quick lesson to get comfortable in the saddle again. It’s one of her favorite memories from the shoot along with people dancing and being supportive from the American Legion.

The singer, who is one of CMT's 2024 Next Women of Country, hopes viewers get as much from watching the video as she did out of making it.

“I would love them to feel empowered and to know that nobody is worth crying over or questioning your worth,” she said.

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