CMT Roundup: New Music From Parker McCollum, Laci Kaye Booth, Mackenzie Carpenter and More

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It's the first weekend in December, and country singers are bringing a mixed bag of party songs and heartbreak. 

Check out new tunes this week from Parker McCollum, Brett Young, Laci Kaye Booth, Mackenzie Carpenter, Cody Johnson, Muscadine Bloodline and more. They're break your heart, make you cry, grab a drink or do all at the same time. 

Parker McCollum, "Stoned": Written by Parker McCollum, Brett James, and Mark Holman, "Stoned" is an aching, sparse mid-tempo that showcases the unique timbre of McCollum's voice and offers a  vulnerable explanation of feeling lonely and misunderstood and gives insight into why people self-medicate.

Lyrics include: I cry when it's rainin' |I cry when it's dark|I feel like the whole world won't ever understand my heart| That's the hardest part| Of bein' alone| That's why I stay stoned

"I was going to save this song to be released with the album, but after the fans demanded it be released sooner, I decided to go ahead and give it to them," McCollum said in a statement. "This song says so much while saying so little, which is exactly how I like it to be. I hope they love it!"

Mackenzie Carpenter, "Jesus, I'm Jealous": Mackenzie Carpenter's "Jesus, I'm Jealous" is a forlorn mid-tempo about hopefully longing for your happy ending.

"I think everyone can relate to being jealous of something or someone at some point in their lives," she said in a statement. "This song is an emotional dive into wanting what someone else has while also believing that everything is going to turn out exactly as it should."

Carpenter is a 23-year-old Georgia native with classic blond beauty and a penchant for storytelling. She co-wrote Lily Rose's "Villain" and acknowledges the humor and the reality in relatable situations.

She sings: "I know you have a plan, and it'll all work out some day/ but tonight, it feels so far away." Followed by: "Jesus, I'm jealous, just had to tell you/ watching the two of them head over heels...I guess I was hoping I wouldn't be lonely."

Shane Profitt, “Country Boys”: Fast-rising artist Shane Profitt is showing off his deep country roots in his latest track. On the heels of his chart-climbing single “How It Oughta Be,” the Tennessee native released "Country Boys.” The toe-tapper is soaked with traditional country instrumentals, from the fiddle to the banjo. While placing his ear-grabbing twang on display, he reveals what makes “Country Boys” within the radio-ready lyrics.

“‘til there ain’t no collards for the cookin,’ ain’t no catfish for the hookin’, country boys will be country boys,” sings Profitt.

The country crooner co-wrote the anthem alongside Blake Bollinger and Nate Kenyon. He explained that the Julian Raymond-produced song holds a special place in his heart, as it single-handedly elevated his artistry and brought his career to new heights.

Country Boys' was one of the very first songs I wrote when I got my publishing deal, and it had a huge role in me getting my record deal. I can’t wait to get feedback from the fans about this,” shared Profitt. “’ Country boys’ is a windows-down, riding-backroads, feel-good song. I’m super excited for the world to hear this one, because it shows a little bit of a different side of me.”

Laci Kaye Booth, “Damn Good In A Dive Bar”: CMT’s Next Women of Country member Laci Kaye Booth has made waves with her latest track, “Damn Good In A Dive Bar” on the internet, and now it’s finally available to stream. The grungy single strikes a fine balance between modern pop and country, a sound that Booth has been longing for. Esteemed songwriters Melissa Peirce and Ben West teamed up with Booth to pen the track that embodies her impressive artistic direction.

“This song was written after an ex-boyfriend asked me, ‘Laci, why do we always have to go to dive bars?’ And my response was “cause I look DAMN GOOD in a dive bar,’” recalled Booth. “I immediately thought it was a cool song idea. I wanted to make it a dreamy-country anthem for all the dive bar girls like me.”

Damn Good In A Dive Bar” serves as her first release as an independent artist. The hit lyrically shines a light on her knack for songwriting and sonically delivers a refreshing sound that the genre has never heard before. Booth proves that musicians don’t need support from a music giant to leave a significant mark on the industry.

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