Garth Brooks' 'Today' Timeline

A Breakdown of His Four Hours on Thursday Morning

Garth Brooks was on NBC’s Today for the show’s entire four hours Thursday (Jan. 8).

So from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m., he talked and sang his way through the early parts of the show. Then for the final hour, he sat down with Hoda Kotb to co-host.

Here’s a minute-by-minute breakdown of his morning.

7:50: Brooks took questions from social media followers. One asked if he’d ever make an acoustic album. “If I could play a worth a damn, I would,” he said. Another question was about the album he couldn’t stop listening to. He named two favorites: James Taylor’s New Moon Shine (1991) and George Strait’s Strait Country (1981).

8:00: He spent time outside in the frigid air hugging and chatting with fans.

8:20: Brooks talked with the show’s Savannah Guthrie about what it was like to take time off to raise his three daughters. “You’re a soccer mom,” Brooks admitted. “No offense to music whatsoever, but the greatest gift on the planet is being a dad.”

8:52: Guthrie revealed a platinum record for Brooks’ latest album, Man Against Machine. “Never thought I’d see another one of those,” he laughed.

8:53: Brooks performed his new single “Mom” to a small group of moms and kids.

9:17: The hosts talked with Brooks again about his family commitment. “My mom and dad kept saying, 'It’s over like that,' and it’s over like that. So just enjoy every minute, and enjoy every heartache," Brooks said. "Heartaches with them are a lot better than nothing without them.” (Did he just write a country song?)

9:19: Brooks calls “The Dance” the favorite song he has recorded. “For some reason, it’s stood the test of time,” he said of the Tony Arata composition.

9:20: He calls “Callin’ Baton Rouge” the best song to play live.

10:00: Sitting in Kathie Lee Gifford’s chair, with white wine, the talk turned to cocktails. Brooks said his wife Trisha Yearwood drinks Rumple Minze, the peppermint liqueur. “It’s not a friend of my wife,” Brooks said. Then he toasted Kotb with, “Here’s to health and love.”

10:06: Brooks named “In the Ghetto” as his favorite Elvis song.

10:09: Kotb and Brooks talk about what makes his marriage so strong. “Forever’s not long enough,” he said. (Pretty sure he just wrote another country song.)

10:15: As for his new album going platinum, Brooks said, “It feels better than anyone you’ve ever gotten. They’re for young people.”

10:17: He compared retiring from music to raise his kids to “leaving Maui to go to Honolulu.”

10:18: Brooks explains that his mom was his biggest fan. “Mom believed you could fly,” he said. “Dad believed if you were going to, it was going to take a helluva lot of work.”

10:30: Brooks took part in the show’s Ambush Makeovers segment and was the only one who was gentleman enough to stand up to applaud the two lucky women.

10:40: Kotb and Brooks played a trivia game called All About Country with questions about LeAnn Rimes, Tim McGraw, Yearwood, Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood. Kotb won but only because Brooks said he was letting her win.

10:50: Brooks and Kotb led a playful “Friends in Low Places” singalong for a small handful of viewers.

10:56: Brooks used a selfie stick to take a photo of himself with that little crowd.

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