Thomas Rhett Busy Getting 'Tangled Up'

"Crash and Burn" Hits No. 1 Prior to Album Release and CMT on Tour

Thomas Rhett is gearing up for a busy few months surrounding the Sept. 25 release of his second album, Tangled Up. Fan response has already proven to be positive, earning him his fourth consecutive chart-topper with “Crash and Burn.”

“I think this one’s just kind of more special to me,” he told CMT Hot 20 Countdown about the song. “Not to say more special, but it just kind of has a cool place. I think before we put this song out, a lot of us were like, ‘Man, should we put this song on radio, or is this just becoming a really good album cut, or what’s it gonna be?’”

Anxious to get the entire album to fans, he’s switching things up a bit to promote his new music.

“We did something different,” he explained. “We put out basically four songs … one song a week every Friday with the music video attached to it.”

Rhett said he methodically chose the early releases to tease a new, yet still completely authentic, sound.

“I’m just trying to be me,” he said. “I cut songs that are going to make my live show just an epic experience.”

With the current success of “Crash and Burn,” Rhett says this next phase in his career could potentially prove to be a game-changer. He’s eager to raise the bar when he hits the road with his CMT on Tour co-headliner Brett Eldredge.

I think it’s going to be a good learning curve for me and Brett to go out there together and co-headline this thing and see how many people we can put in the seats and, I guess, learn how to be a headliner, if you will. I think especially both of us fresh from having No.1’s and both having brand new albums, it couldn’t be any more set up for us to win out there.”

CMT on Tour: Brett Eldredge and Thomas Rhett -- Suits & Boots begins on Oct. 29 in New York City.

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