What One Soldier Taught Kip Moore

"You Realize the Weight of Your Words"

Knowing your music means something to anyone must feel good to a country star.

But knowing that it helped get a soldier through some of the darkest days of his deployment has to feel absolutely overwhelming.

Which is how Kip Moore felt when he found out that his 2012 album Up All Night was what kept one soldier going when he was literally up all night.

In a recent video interview with AOL, Moore tells the story of the most memorable interaction he has had with a fan.

"It was with a soldier that told me that when he was hiding out -- they were being attacked over in the Middle East and they were hiding out in some bunker and they'd been there for over 24 hours -- the Up All Night record was on his iPod, and he listened to that record over and over," Moore said. "That's what kept his sanity in that moment."

The record, which included Moore's first three radio hits "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck," "Beer Money," "Hey Pretty Girl," and eight other great tunes, was the Georgia native's major-label debut. Which made probably made it that much more meaningful to know what it did for this one soldier.

"It was a powerful moment for me. That's when you realize the weight of your words," Moore said. "Then when you go into a writers' room and people tell you those kinds of things, all the sudden, it means a little bit more."

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