Jason Aldean Turns Stay-at-Home Date Night Into "Got What I Got" Video

His wife and kids co-star in latest release.

The kids are in bed, the ocean waves are rolling in, and there's vinyl on the record player.... Perfect timing for a stay-at-home date night if you ask Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany.

Aldean's newest video, "Got What I Got," offers a glimpse into the family's personal life as they're enjoying some downtime in sunny Florida. The video was directed by Shaun Silva -- with just a bit of help while wrapping things up.

"We'd been down at the beach during quarantine and have had a lot of time to appreciate each other," Aldean said in a statement. "With a skeleton video crew and social distancing, it was an all-hands-on-deck shoot that made for a little twist at the end."

Written by Thomas Archer, Alex Palmer and Michael Tyler, "Got What I Got" is the latest single from Aldean's current album, 9.

“When I first heard ‘Got What I Got’ it reminded me of something Boyz II Men would do ... almost like a '90s R&B throwback song,” Aldean said in a statement when the single was released in March. “It’s just not something you really hear in country music that much ... plus, now more than ever, I think we’re all just being reminded how to appreciate the people we love.”

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