Carrie Underwood: Typical College Student?

'People' Offers 111 Pages of Things I Didn't Know About Country Stars

When I picked up the new special issue of People's "50 Amazing Moments in Country Music," I kind of expected it to just be the 50 amazing moments I already knew all about.

But as I started to flip through the pages, I realized, there are stories I actually hadn't heard before.

Here are some of the news-to-me bits and pieces from the pages:

Carrie Underwood on her pre-American Idol years: "I was a typical college student," she said. "I would roll out of bed, brush my teeth and go to class. I was in a sorority. I'd never been to New York. When I sang, it was before about 15 people. Without Idol, I'd probably be singing in church on Sunday and karaoke on Wednesday nights."

Kenny Chesney on relating to his fans: "I look out there and see a lot of people that work really hard and have stress and anxiety in their lives just like everybody else, but they take it all in stride," he said. "They kinda walk through the world like they got their feet in the sand every day. And that's me. When I look out into the audience, I see that common ground."

Blake Shelton on falling in love mid-song: "Standing up there and singing with somebody and going, 'Man, this shouldn't be happening.' Looking back on that, I was falling in love with (Miranda Lambert) right there onstage," he said of the night Lambert joined him to sing "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" in 2005. "I tell you, if it wasn't for Miranda, I'd be screwed."

Miranda Lambert on meeting Shelton for the first time: "It was just like this draw to each other," she recalled. "It was this inevitable chemistry."

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