Chris Young Got an Assist From Brad Paisley in Making His New Video

"By the second playthrough, the crowd was just screaming the words to the song," says the "Famous Friends" vocalist

Over Independence Day Weekend, Chris Young welcomed thousands of music lovers for an outdoor performance in downtown Nashville as part of the making of the video for his song "At the End of a Bar." Young recently told PEOPLE he was blown away by the attendance--while Young thought perhaps 1,500 people might attend, when showtime came, 15,000 people were there for the concert. Young also welcomed his collaborator on the track, Mitchell Tenpenny, for the outdoor concert that is seen in the song's video.

"We started taping in the afternoon, and we knew this was a song no one knew, so we were like, 'Hey, pretend like you're really excited,'" Young, 36, told PEOPLE of the video shoot. "By the second playthrough, the crowd was just screaming the words to the song. And there's nothing like that."

"I was just so blown away on the very first take," Tenpenny said of the performance. "I remember Chris and I turned and looked at each other after that last lyric and we just smiled. We were like, 'What is going on? What the hell is going on? This is crazy!'"

As it turns out, Young and Tenpenny also got an assist in making the video from another country performer: Brad Paisley.

"I don't think we shoot this video the same way without him," Young said, noting that Paisley allowed them to use the outdoor stage and equipment that Paisley had used just the night before. "The city of Nashville and Brad were like, 'Yeah, we'll leave our stuff up there. You can use it. And then we'll just tear it down after y'all film.' That scale of shot does not happen without the city of Nashville being as amazing as they were. And with Brad being able to donate that stuff and let us just use it? Everything fell into place perfectly," Young said.

See the "At the End of a Bar" video below:

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