CMT Roundup: New Music From Little Big Town, Parmalee, Tyler Rich and More

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Kids may be headed back to school, but that doesn't mean summer is over. This week country singers brought breezy sing-alongs to help make the most of the warm weekend days.

Little Big Town, “Better Love”: A sassy mid-tempo about looking for love and taking chances, “Better Love” was written by LBT’s Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook along with Tofer Brown and Audra Mae.

The band treated the moody melody with sparse production which intensifies focus on Fairchild’s vocals and the message of the song, the crux of which is near the bottom of the second verse.

The lyrics are: You win some, you lose some| Sometimes you get played by the game|But you're never gonna make| The shots you don't take| So, you might as well fire away

The song is from the group’s 10th studio album “Mr. Sun” which will be available Sept. 16.

“The attitude of this song is mischievous and lands squarely in Karen's wheelhouse,” Westbrook said. “It's fun to sing, too.”

Parmalee, “Girl In Mine”: Written by Parmalee’s Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorley, David Fanning, Travis Wood and Casey Brown, “Girl In Mine” brings an infectious, breezy melody that is certain to hook fans on the first listen.

The song, which is a promise that “you’re the only girl” in the singer’s life, is the follow-up to the band’s back-to-back No. 1 hits “Just the Way” and “Take My Name.”

“With ‘Just The Way’ and ‘Take My Name,’ we really found something that connected with our fans,” Thomas said. “We look forward to continuing that with our new single ‘Girl In Mine.’”

Lyrics include: In my t-shirt in my ride| Runnin’ circles in my mind| Couple billion in the world|Baby you’re the only girl in mine

The song will go to country radio on Aug. 22.

Tyler Rich, "Trucks Don't Lie": Country artist Tyler Rich will not be pumping the breaks anytime soon, as he placed his gas pedal to the floor with the latest track "Trucks Don't Lie." The sentimental single that displays his contemporary country sound, is destined to send Rich on a direct route to stardom. The Nashville-based vocalist penned the poignant lyrics alongside Adam Craig and Jim McCormick. Together they tell a heart-tugging tale about a man who recalls memories every time he gets behind the steering wheel of his 4x4.

"Rides like heaven but it hurts like hell | Gets me from A to B | But it can't outrun your memory | Like every mile in it reminds me | Your goodbye ain't too far behind me | Wish I could bend the truth |Pretend that I ain't missin' you | But trucks don't lie | Like the new one in your drive," delivers Rich.

If a truck could talk, the fast-rising artist believes it could say a lot about the owner's character and spark core memories.

"A truck can tell you a thousand stories. It can tell you someone's favorite teams. The color and build can tell you about their personality. Memories within a truck can tell you over and over again when someone is gone … and so much more," says Rich. "'Trucks Don't Lie' has some angst, a lot of heart and some heartbreak, all greased up together," he added.

"Trucks Don't Lie" has become a staple in his set list, and fans have already resonated with the weighted words Jaren Johnston of The Cadillac Three produced. With drive and his creative wheels turning, Rich is ready to embark on his Thinkin' We're In Love headlining tour this fall.

"I've been performing this one on the road since last year, and it's been a fan favorite," he declared. "Watching the crowd react every night, and even sing along because of teasers, has been one of the highlights of each show from my perspective. Turn this one up!"

Frank Ray, "Late": Former police officer Frank Ray might have stepped into the country space "Late," but his future is looking brighter than ever with his label debut EP, "Getcha Some." The six-song project features his chart-topping pop-country single "Country'd Look Good On You" and touching melody, "Late." While showcasing his wide vocal range, the bilingual entertainer shares a relatable narrative about waiting around for someone you love. The country crooner penned the heartfelt lyrics alongside – Jeremy Bussey, Monty Criswell, Derek George, Bobby Hamrick, and Frank Rogers.

"Late like she always is | Late like she's always been | Probably always gonna be | Running just a little behind | Some things you just can't rush | But you love 'em when they show up | It's okay if it ain't always on time | Some things in this lifе are worth the wait | Even whеn they're late," shares Ray placing his knack for songwriting on full display.

"Late" is one of many songs that marks Ray's next chapter. Although the vocalist is now pursuing music full-time, he continues to praise the courageous first responders that place their lives on the line. The title of the collection serves as a friendly nod to the police academy. "Getcha Some" was a phrase he would use as a confidence booster on duty. He hopes the tracklist will give his listeners the "umph" they need to persevere forward.

"'Getcha Some' kind of feels like my introduction to the world so when putting this project together, I really wanted it to be representative of all of the facets of who I am—a family man, proud Hispanic, high-energy entertainer and a bit of a good time Charlie," shared Ray. "Most importantly, I wanted to create something that would make people smile. I can't wait to share these songs with the world and soak in those moments with the crowd."

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