Keith Urban: Salad Tongs Fail

On Wednesday night's (May 21) American Idol finale, Caleb Johnson was named the winner, but he wasn't the only one vying for a win.

Ellen DeGeneres was hoping Keith Urban would do her a solid and keep up his good work on a little game they'd been playing.

The backstory: A few weeks ago, when DeGeneres found out Urban's friends dare him to work certain words into the conversation on the show, she wanted in. The season finale even showed a montage that recapped the dare words that Urban had used throughout the season: Viking, spackle, shish kabob, fanny pack and platypus.

"I thought that sounded like fun, so I gave him a word to work into American Idol, and that word was 'parakeet breath.' And Keith tried to say it on last week's show," DeGeneres explained.

"This thing is weird man. It's weird. It's like parrot breath," Urban said about his microphone in the clip DeGeneres showed.

"So close," DeGeneres said. "You know, parakeet-parrot, potato-potato. Keith you're fantastic, you're smarter than that. You can do it.

"Your new word is 'salad tongs.' So tune in tonight when Keith says 'lettuce tongs.' Come on, Keith. Try it again."

Unless I missed it -- and I tried really hard not to -- Urban was not able to work 'salad tongs' into any part of the show. If he stays on as a judge for season 14 of the show, maybe he'll work the words into a conversation or even a song. (Think of all the things that rhyme with 'tongs.')

Other winning moments from the finale:

Jennifer Nettles performed her single "That Girl," and a duet of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" with Jessica Meuse.

Lady Antebellum took the stage for their brand new one, "Bartender," and Darius Rucker sang his "True Believers," then was joined by Dexter Roberts and C.J. Harris for "Alright."

Just minutes before Johnson was crowned the winner, Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. showed the world how it's done with a performance of "True Colors" and "Go Your Own Way."

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