Keith Urban Pays Tribute To Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie With Chilling Medley

Keith Urban honors Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie with a heartfelt speech at a concert in Gold Coast, Australia.

Country music star Keith Urban recently paid his respects to late icon Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac’s vocalist and keyboardist. 

The “Somebody Like You” singer pulled at heartstrings during a concert last week in Australia when he delivered a chilling tribute featuring smash rock hits – “Say You Love Me,” “Everywhere,” and “Songbird.” 

Before breaking into a tear-jerking performance, Urban acknowledged McVie’s significant mark on the entertainment industry and how her music played a vital role in his artistry. 

“Today, we lost one of the members of Fleetwood Mac, the incredible Christine McVie, who was amazing,” Urban pointed out at his Gold Coast show. “For me growing up, listening to their music, you had three incredible vocalists in that band. You had Lindsey Buckingham, who brought this kind of punk, angular, ethos to the whole thing. You had Stevie Nicks’ voice, which is angelic, otherworldly. Then you had Christine, who for me, is the maternal, soulful heartbeat, vocally.” 

With a picture of McVie displayed on a big-screen, Urban exploded into “Say You Love Me” the band’s 1975 timeless classic that the songstress penned independently. Following a small snippet  from their self-titled album, Urban effortlessly rolled into “Everywhere.” 

While showcasing his impressive string work, he allowed the rowdy audience to sing the recognizable lyrics loud and proud. “Everywhere” served as Fleetwood Mac’s fourth single from their critically acclaimed record, “Tango in the Night.” The Lindsey Buckingham and Richard Dashut- produced track peaked at No.14 on the US Billboard Hot 100  and No.1 on the Adult Contemporary chart.  

Urban completed the sentimental mashup with  “Songbird,” a ballad that McVie often ended her concerts with. Ticket-holders and music enthusiasts flocked to the comments to praise the heartfelt tribute and his wise words, which never go unnoticed. 

“Your tributes to musicians who pass over are all really great, Keith. So tasteful, respectful, showing deference and still with a sense of levity and humor, not too depressing,” shared a follower. “Literally gave me chills! Rest easy, Christine❤️,” said another. 

The world-renowned musician died Wednesday, November 30, at age 79. According to a release issued by her family, the cause of death was due to a “short illness.” 

“She passed away peacefully at the hospital this morning, Wednesday, November 30th 2022, following a short illness,” read the statement. “She was in the company of her family. We kindly ask that  you respect the family’s privacy at this extremely painful time, and we would like everyone to keep Christine in their hearts and remember the life of an incredible human being, and revered musician who was loved universally.” 

Bandmate Stevie Nicks quickly confirmed the devastating news with a lengthy hand-written letter. Within the diary-like entry, Nicks declared McVie her “best friend” and included lyrics to Haim’s “Hallelujah.” 

“A few hours ago, I was told that my best friend in the whole world since the first day of 1975, had passed away. I didn’t even know she was ill…until late Saturday night. I wanted to be in London; I wanted to get to London – but we were told to wait,” said Nicks. “ So, since Saturday, one song has been swirling around in my head, over and over and over. I thought I might possibly get to sing it to her, and so, I’m singing it to her now. I always knew I would need these words one day.” 

She wrapped up the note with, “See you on the other side, my love. Don’t forget me.” 

A public service to honor the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has yet to be announced. 

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