Miranda Lambert Was Born With Extra Fire

SAT Scores Pushed Her in the Right Direction

Miranda Lambert has three tour stops coming up in the United Kingdom -- London, Dublin and Glasgow -- but it sounds like she’s already gotten really comfortable across the pond.

When she stopped by the BBC 2 Radio studios to talk, Lambert admits that kicking ass comes from how she was raised.

“I’m from Texas, so I think in Texas, you’re just born with a little extra fire,” she laughed. “Whatever I think comes right out of my mouth and gets me in trouble sometimes.”

She also tells the story about being 4 years old and singing harmony in the backseat of the family car with her mom and dad. But because her parents wanted her to sing, she didn't want to. Lambert says she had to wait until it was her own idea. And that happened when she got her SAT college entrance exam scores back.

"I was trying to figure out SATs and graduating high school, and I realized I was awful at all of that," she said, which led her to start writing some songs. "I didn’t really have a back-up plan."

Right around that time, she went to Nashville to do a demo of some songs a producer sent to her.

"I was trying to sing these songs that I realized didn’t make me feel anything,” she recalled. “When I came back home from that recording session, I thought, 'I wanna feel something when I sing it. Otherwise I can’t sell it.’ That’s when it started to click."

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