Adele Reveals New Chris Stapleton Duet

Adele's deluxe version of "30" will feature Chris Stapleton, but it will only be available at one store.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Adele revealed the 15-song tracklist for the deluxe version of her upcoming studio album “30,” and it includes a Chris Stapleton collaboration.

Available Nov. 19, “30” deluxe is exclusive to Target and boasts three bonus tracks: “Wild Wild West,” “Can’t Be Together” and a new version of “Easy on Me” as a duet with Stapleton.

The Target preorder is available now for $11.99.

Adele popped in for Vogue’s popular “73 Questions” in October and namedropped Stapleton as her dream duet partner. She also revealed during the Q&A that pop songs are “all about the hooks,” London is her favorite city to play and there’s no cure for stage freight. She also shared her best piece of advice: “Keep your heart safe and your music dangerous.”

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Adele “30” deluxe track list:

1. Strangers By Nature

2. Easy On Me

3. My Little Love

4. Cry Your Heart Out

5. Oh My God

6. Can I Get It

7. I Drink Wine

8. All Night Parking (with Erroll Garner) Interlude

9. Woman Like Me

10. Hold On

11. To Be Loved

12. Love Is A Game

Bonus Tracks:

13. Wild Wild West

14. Can’t Be Together

15. Easy On Me (with Chris Stapleton)

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