CMT Premiere: Priscilla Block Redefines "My Bar" in Empowering, Do-It-Yourself Video

“My Bar” is from Block’s debut album “Welcome to the Block Party” that will be available Friday.

When Priscilla Block sings, “This is my bar,” she means it.

The video for Block’s new song “My Bar” debuted on CMT today and shows the singer, her band and friends building a bar on a Lebanon, Tennessee, farm. The concept is perfect or Block, she said, because it mimics how she built her fanbase on social media.

“I’m so excited about this,” Block said. “I think we really wanted to take a different approach as far as videos go and do what people haven’t seen. I think my story is so much about building this grassroots and from the ground up. It’s cool because here I am in the middle of a random field, and I start building my own bar … it’s my bar, and it’s with my people, and it’s with a stage. By the end, everyone is coming to this bar.”

In addition to building a bar, Block also got to drive a tractor – another first for her. She said the tractor’s owner was protective of the farm machinery and told her to make sure she didn’t drink and that she buckled her seatbelt while she was motoring around the farm.

“It was so much fun,” Block said. “It was so hot. It’s the first time I’m shaking my booty in shorts in a video. We got a bunch of fans out there and were able to do an outside concert for them, and that’s part of the video.”

Block said the song, which she co-wrote with Stone Aielli and Lexie Hayden, was inspired by a night spent at a bar when she walked into the bathroom and found a girl crying.

“Shocker,” Block quipped. “I know, a girl crying in a bar. I’m looking at her going, ‘What is wrong with you?’ She was like, ‘My ex is here!’ It was the whole drunk girl-to-girl talk. I ripped a paper towel off the wall, and I gave it to her, and I was like, ‘Get up. We are going out there. You look hot. And this is your bar.’”

The singer/songwriter loved the song when they wrote it about three years ago. Since nothing was going on with her career at the time, she thought someone else – maybe a guy – might record it. But she’s so glad no one did.

“I think there’s something so cool about hearing a girl say, ‘This is my bar,’” Block said.

“My Bar” is from Block’s debut album “Welcome to the Block Party” that will be available Friday.

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