Watch: Jon Pardi Gets Pranked By Lainey Wilson and Hailey Whitters On Tour

Lainey Wilson and Hailey Whitters documented the process of dressing as babies to prank expectant dad Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi isn't a new dad just yet, but he got a comedic taste of what's to come the other night on tour – thanks to Lainey Wilson and Hailey Whitters.

Wilson and Whitters, tour support for Pardi on his Ain't Always the Cowboy Tour, dressed as giant babies in baby body suits complete with a bottle, pacifiers, bibs and bonnets. Then they sashayed onto stage during "Beer Can't Fix."

They did a line dance alongside Pardi in full costume and even stuck a pacifier in a band member's mouth.

"Y'all, give it up for Daddy," Wilson said.

The ladies brought Pardi a black shirt with Daddy printed across the front, which he draped over his body.

Pardi rolled with the prank, never missed a beat, and even chased Wilson around to squirt her with the baby bottle.

Pardi and his wife, Summer, revealed their pregnancy earlier this month. The "Last Night Lonely" singer told People that he and his wife will be first-time parents in early 2023.

"I'm ready to start a new adventure with my wonderful wife Summer and our new little one — Pardi of three!" he said. "I'm really excited to meet our baby and to have someone to ride around the ranch with."

Summer said she has felt great but tired throughout her pregnancy, adding it's been "overall really good" and says she feels "very lucky for that." She said she's both excited and nervous to be a mom but can't wait to see her husband be a dad.

"He's such a big kid at heart, always the life of the party, and has such positive energy, so I can only imagine how much fun this little Pardi addition will be for him and our family," she told People. "I know [being parents] is going to be the greatest gift in the world."

The country couple has been together since 2016 and married in November 2020. They've been trying to have kids since they married, and Summer said, "it was definitely an interesting two years of ups and downs."

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