OFFSTAGE: A Few of Scotty McCreery's Favorite Things

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that's happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Carly Rae Jepsen and Cookie Monster ice cream? Why, yes, those did make Scotty McCreery's list of his favorite things. Sunday night (June 17), I asked him a long list of random "what's your favorite" questions, and here's a sampling of what he came up with:

Favorite country song: Eric Church's "Springsteen." He told me, "I listen to that a ton." Rascal Flatts' "Changed" came in a close second.

Favorite pop song: Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." He admitted, "That one's all the rage right now, and I catch myself singing it all the time."

Favorite artists to cover: Elvis Presley, Travis Tritt and George Strait. "All the guys who influenced me," he said.

Favorite junk foods: Cookie dough, cookie dough ice cream and, most importantly, something called Cookie Monster ice cream. "There's this place in my hometown called Pelican's, and it's mainly a snowball place, and I love getting snowballs, but they have this ice cream called Cookie Monster. It's blue vanilla ice cream with Oreos, snicker doodles, chocolate chip cookies and M&M cookies. And it's incredible," he raved.

Favorite not-so-junky foods: Broccoli, apples, bananas, strawberries. And ants on a log. "I was just introduced last week to this thing called ants on a log. It's a celery stick with peanut butter in there and raisins on top. It's very good," he said.

(Almost) favorite chore when he's back home: "I'm the trash guy," he said, saying he occasionally does slack off.

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