Carrie Underwood Brings PB&J and Tattoos to 'Redbook'

Just when you think you know a girl, Carrie Underwood arrives at a photo shoot with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she made for herself. I mean, come on. No poached salmon? No farm-to-table kale and beet salad? No demands for brown rice pita chips and organic hummus? Doesn't she know she's a celebrity?

Even if she does, it certainly doesn't sound like she's comfortable acting like one. In the cover story of the current issue of Redbook, Underwood talks about all kinds of topics. But all I can picture is her eating her PB&J in her sweats. But here's what she revealed to the magazine, besides that she's not a diva at all:

1. She has two tattoos. One is a four-leaf clover and the other one's a black cat. She didn't say where they were -- because she's classy like that. "I was in college and got them done," she explains. "They don't mean anything."

2. Dry shampoos are her friend. "Whenever I can't get to the salon to get my color freshened up -- I'm a natural blonde, but I like it a few shades lighter -- I'll use some dry shampoo on my roots," she says. "It takes the edge off."

3. She puts coconut oil on her face before she goes to bed.

4. Tackling topics like domestic abuse in "Blown Away" meant Underwood's fans wrote her letters telling her that that was their story. "When you see handwriting and see that it's real ... (you realize) music is therapy," she says.

4. One of her parents' first dates as a young couple was seeing The Sound of Music movie. That wasn't the case for Underwood's own husband. "I guess it wasn't big in Canada," she says.

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