Keith Urban Pairs With Breland and Nile Rodgers in Video for "Out The Cage"

"I think a record like ["Out The Cage"] will speak to a broader audience," says Nile Rodgers

Keith Urban's latest video is for "Out The Cage," a September 2020-released track that pushes country music's boundaries in the direction of danceable, pop-friendly rock via the inclusion of Urban's longtime friend, pioneering bass guitarist, and producer Nile Rodgers, plus rising country crooner Breland.

The track's profound message carries forth into the video, too. Regarding that message, Urban told The Boot in September 2020, "When [Breland and I] were writing the song, I said, 'I really, really want this to be a song that speaks to liberation of all sorts,' even if that's somebody in a dead-end job, somebody that's stuck relationship that's going nowhere and they can't get out, someone who's sort of imprisoned in their own mind. You know, that line, 'In my mind's eye lies the key that'll open the door / You can't break me, there's a new day coming,' is just trying to take back that power inside all of us, to keep pushing outwards and breaking out of any confinement."

Regarding working with Urban, the self-proclaimed "Pen Point Guard" noted to American Songwriter, "Keith (Urban) told me he’s always strived to create music that feels like Keith, and him telling me that was really inspiring to me because the space that I occupy out here in Nashville and in the music industry is someone that is trying to blend sounds together and create new ones.”

As for Nile Rodgers, the dance music legend said to Yahoo! Music, "[Urban's] fans may have some kind of problem at first. But my biggest records have always been like that. A lot of people, the only record they ever bought by David Bowie was [Bowie's Rodgers-produced 1983 hit] "Let’s Dance." I think a record like ["Out The Cage"] will speak to a broader audience, and the country people will come around.”

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