When Maren Morris Was Fed Up With Herself

Everything Changed When She Wrote "My Church"

When you start performing at just 10 years old, you’re bound to get tired of the music scene pretty early. But in Maren Morris’ case, what she got tired of was herself.

“I was a little fed up with myself, and I wanted to make a change. I wanted to be a better something,” she admitted in a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning. “I was trying to scare myself a little bit.”

So she did the most terrifying thing ever. Found a house and roommates on Craigslist and moved from Texas to Nashville at 21. She was a long way from her childhood performances at the White Elephant Saloon in Fort Worth.

The move to Nashville was more about songwriting than performing, and she says she was fine with doing just that. But that everything changed when she wrote “My Church.”

“That was the day I realized, ‘I’m not sending this to anyone,'" she said of the song that would end up being her breakout hit.

In her efforts to find her way back to who she was, Morris realized, “I had a lot to say, it turns out.”

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