'Nashville': The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 11

Through The Good Times and The Bad Times

Us Nashies have been through a lot the past couple of weeks. We've cried, we've held each other close, we've cried some more, and finally this week, we found a reason to smile.

The mid-season finale of Nashville, titled "Fire and Rain," reminded us of the healing power of music and how, now more than ever, we need it to give us the strength to move forward.

Let's take a look back on the big moments from Thursday's episode.

Juliette's Guidance

Juliette knows a thing or two about seizing the moment and building a career, and we were all surprised when she offered to step up and take Maddie to New York.

Maddie's Slip Up

We all know Maddie didn't mean any harm, but she learned the hard way how easily the media can manipulate everything you say.

Deacon's Defiance

Deacon wasn't having any of Zach's business advice when it came to his unfinished album with Rayna.

Avery's Support

Avery hasn't always been Mr. Reliable (Remember the Scarlett days? So long ago.), but in the past few seasons he has really stepped up and become everyone's rock.

Juliette's Offer

Again, it's shocking that Juliette would think of anyone but herself, but it seems she really has changed for the better. We can't wait to see what she has in store for Maddie.

Daphne's Wisdom

Even in the toughest of times, Daphne always knows what to say to get through to Maddie.

Rayna's Reassurance

We've always known that Deacon was meant to be Maddie and Daphne's father, but we can't imagine what hearing it from Rayna's mouth now means to him.

Avery's Idea

After Deacon told Avery about his hesitancy to finish his duets with Rayna, Avery knew the perfect way to finish the album. And we definitely cried.

Deacon's Duet

We know it was so hard for him, but watching Deacon finish this duet with Rayna was everything.

Scarlett's Bombshell

Well... We didn't see that one coming! But now we have to know... who's the father?

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