CMT Premiere: Crossover Artist Andrew Farriss Expresses His Gratitude In "You Are My Rock" Music Video

Andrew Farriss: "The song is a literal 'Thank You' card to the many people who have helped me along my life journey."

Andrew Farriss is no stranger to the spotlight. The multi-talented musician spent the last 40 years touring the globe with the Australian rock band, INXS. After selling 80 million records and scoring several accolades, the hitmaker decided to embark on a solo career. 

Instead of staying in the alternative-rock lane, the seasoned songsmith returned to his country roots to cultivate his self-titled record. The 12-song collection includes his tribute track "You Are My Rock," which serves as a love letter to his devoted fan base and support system. 

The 63-year-old was far from an overnight sensation and understands the drive needed to gain traction in the music industry. The crossover artist penned "You Are My Rock" alongside critically acclaimed composer Ciaran Gribbin to express his gratitude to the individuals who have helped him throughout the years. 

The up-tempo hit is destined to make fans rise to their feet and groove to the beat. The melody is infused with lively percussion, includes a twist from a tambourine ting, and has his signature guitar licks that listeners expect. 

To bring the toe-tapper to life and to show his magnetic stage presence, the vocalist turned to Rockingham Holding LTD and video director Duncan Toombs. The state-of-the-art production team recreated a scenic vista that resembles the Australian countryside.

"The song is a literal 'Thank You' card to the many people [family, friends, fans, and industry folks] who have helped me along my life journey," the genre-bending musician told CMT. "Helping one another is one of the most powerful and beautiful things we can do and is a core element of humanity. The energy from the band and the song captured amongst the lush, and scenic beauty of the Australian outback really reflects this sentiment." 

The high-quality music video captures Farriss holding an ultimate jam session within sun-dried grass with a blazing fire burning in the distance. 

"I'd lived in the rural outback for many years. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and I wanted to share that beauty with my fans. So, we found a place on my farm that really reflected this. The day we shot the video, everything worked in our favor - the weather was perfect," he explained.  

Farriss hopes viewers get lost within the weighted words and are inspired to perform a small act of kindness or help someone in need. 

"No one gets through life without help from other people," the Grammy-nominated songwriter stressed. "It is so important to remember to be thankful and to extend a hand to others as well. If we all do this, the world would be a much better place," he added. 

"Andrew Farriss" the album, which marks a new chapter in his decades-long career is available to stream now. 

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