Exclusive: Josh Thompson's "Wanted Me Gone" Video Premiere

You probably already know what a killer songwriter Josh Thompson is. But now? Now you'll get to see his acting chops.

His new video for his latest single "Wanted Me Gone" is the exact opposite of what you'd think you might see from Thompson. The song -- all about the girl who kicked him out and now wants him back -- could have easily come to life with Thompson playing live in a honky-tonk.

But all he's doing in this one is playing the part of the indifferent victim of a breakup.

Thompson's in a lawn chair, drinking a beer, while his off-camera ex-girlfriend is throwing all of his belongings at him. (And they are literally his belongings, including his boots, clothes, cooler, tools and his mounted largemouth bass he caught in Lake Okeechobee in Florida.)

"It's all just your basic man shit," Thompson told me of the props they used on the set -- the set being Thompson's backyard at his house near Nashville.

With lyrics like "I guess I took a detour when you told me to go to hell/Because I'm in heaven every weekend," this video is the ultimate when-life-gives-you-lemons-you-make-lemonade lesson.

I asked Thompson how he'd feel if this dramatic kind of breakup ever happened in real life. He admitted he'd feel slightly homeless.

"But I guess I'd be all right once I got back on the bus," he told me of his home away from home.

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