Justin Moore: Behind the Fishing Scenes

Timing Is Everything for His Daughter’s First Adventure

About a week ago, Justin Moore posted the most adorable photo of his daughter Ella, 5, holding up a fish. Now, I don’t fish, but I asked Moore if that was the right age to start.

He told me that he’d tried to take her once before -- when she was about 3 and a half -- but that was a little too early.

But Ella never forgot it.

“She always remembered that day,” Moore told me. “So for that last several months, she’s been on me like, ‘Can we go fishing? Can we go fishing?’ So a couple of nights ago, I checked the weather. And I said to her, ‘Hey E, you wanna go fishing tomorrow?’”

So off they went to DeGray Lake near Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He wasn’t sure if the day would be a success, if Ella would catch anything or if she’d get bored. But it turns out, the girl can fish.

“I usually bass fish, but I wanted her to catch some stuff, so we were bream fishing. By the second cast, she reeled it in. And then after that, she didn’t want me around. She wanted to do it all herself. She probably caught 10 fish,” Moore said.

They threw back most of them, but Ella kept one in the live well. Moore said she was feeding it worms because she thought the fish might be hungry and wanted to keep it fed and happy.

“But then the irony of that was when we were almost done and Ella said, ‘We’ll probably want to skin him and fry him up, right?’”

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