Luke Bryan: Behind the Altercation at Charlie Daniels' Volunteer Jam

Audience Member's Crude Hand Gestures Insulted Everyone

Luke Bryan's team has issued a response following an altercation he had with an audience member at Charlie Daniels' Volunteer Jam at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena.

Several videos of the incident have been circulating on social media following the Wednesday night (Nov. 30) concert, but the full exchange between the two men isn't exactly clear. According to a statement from singer's publicist, the audience member near the front of the stage kept making crude hand gestures during Bryan's performance of "Move." The videos indicate that Bryan finally struck him in the face.

“It was insulting not only to him, but more importantly to the men, women and families sitting around him who were there to support and celebrate Charlie Daniels and the efforts of raising money for the military veterans -- some of who were in the audience," according to a prepared statement from Bryan's publicist. "The concert security personnel saw the man’s disruptive actions of the event and he was escorted out."

Because the incident seemed so out of character for Bryan, fans on Twitter and Facebook have been pledging their support and mainly wondering why anyone who paid to sit in the front row of a concert would be angry enough to flip Bryan the bird.

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