Sam Hunt Scores Breakthrough at 2015 CMT Music Awards

Hot Newcomer Snags His First CMT Trophy With “Leave the Night On”

Sam Hunt no doubt woke up with a big smile on his face Thursday morning (June 11) … that is, if he actually made it to sleep and wasn’t too busy “leaving the night on” in celebration Wednesday night after the 2015 CMT Music Awards.

Country’s hottest newcomer took home the honors for breakthrough video of the year during the show with his first official video, “Leave the Night On.”

Though Hunt is arguably a fresh face on the scene, his career so far has already been success after success. But don’t think he hasn’t put in the time and the hard work to make it all happen.

Take the “Leave the Night On” video for example. He was no stranger to the video world. He’d made a couple of low-budget videos when he was starting out, but his experiences were nothing quite like making a proper music video.

Still, Hunt says the indie, pre-record deal videos taught him a lot and prepared him for that next step.

“I learned from making a few of these low-budget videos early on that the best way to go about doing it is just to keep it honest and real,” Hunt said in a recent interview. “And all of the people in the ‘Leave the Night On’ video were friends of ours.”

Shoot, I’d wrangle my friends for a shoot like that, too. You know they’ll be familiar, fun and, maybe if you’re lucky, willing to work for free.

Ulltimately, it’s all about keeping it real and creating a believable good time.

“We didn’t want to hire actors and actresses to come in,” Hunt said. “It’s just hard to stage a good time. You kind have to just let it naturally happen. So that was a good thing about that video is that is turned into a just a fun day hanging out with all of our buddies, and we had a really good time making the video.”

And it all paid off. The video is fun. And it’s a winner.

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