Sheryl Crow Shares Mother's Lament

Honors Sandy Hook Victims with "The Dreaming Kind"

The mother in Sheryl Crow is terrified.

In an open letter on, Crow wrote about how she feels five years after the tragic mass shooting in Sandy Hook.

"After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary five years ago today, the one thing I thought nobody would be fighting about was a common-sense solution to gun violence. I wondered then if my own sons would be safe in their schools as they grew up in a country in love with guns," Crow wrote.

"Surely, I thought, this tragedy has to result in some reasonable new laws to prevent further senseless mass shootings."

Sadly, she admits, she was wrong to have that much hope. And that she is worried because she doesn't have answers when her sons start asking the tough -- but so obvious -- questions.

"In the years since Sandy Hook, I've had many conversations with my boys about guns and violence. They are frightened by what they see and hear, week after week, year after year.

"Earlier this year, Wyatt, my 10-year-old, asked me why unstable and violent people are allowed to have guns. I didn't have an answer, and, I thought, our country didn't have one either."

Crow is honoring the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting with her new song "The Dreaming Kind," and all proceeds will be donated to Sandy Hook Promise.

"Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) reached out to me after learning that we both share the same hope and dream for the safety of our nation's children. I felt compelled to write 'The Dreaming Kind,' for the wonderful people who work there," she wrote.

Kenny Chesney also shared his "Amazing Grace" tribute to the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook.

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