PREMIERE: Portia Clark and Darius Rucker's "Ready To Fall" Is a Raw, Emotional Performance

Rucker first met Clark backstage during a 2013 fundraising gala for the Starkey Hearing Foundation

A video has finally emerged for Zambia-born country-soul artist Portia Clark's pairing with Darius Rucker for "Ready To Fall." The video was filmed with the two vocalists, socially distanced by thousands of miles. However, this does not deter the raw lyrical emotion and message of "not taking love for granted"—as Clark notes—to shine through.

Regarding the song itself, Rucker met Clark backstage during a 2013 fundraising gala for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. “I’ll never forget; he handed me a Corona like I was just ‘one of the guys.’ Half-jokingly, I asked him if he would be willing to sing a song with me, and to my surprise, just like that, Darius agreed,” Clark recalled in her official biography.

In July 2018, Rucker and Clark reconnected, and the singer flew to Nashville to record “Ready To Fall” with Rucker. The song is part of Clark’s latest album, Chapters of my Soul. Clark's drive to fame is a particularly inspirational story. At 17, she entered a relationship with a physically and emotionally abusive man. After giving birth to their daughter at 19, she took refuge in her mother’s home and took a job bagging groceries at a supermarket. The supermarket's owners held a national singing competition called “Top Stars,” which Clark entered and rose to be named Top Female Vocalist.

Regarding the video-making process, Clark tells CMT, "[having it completed is] like a breath of fresh air. There is so much work behind the scenes with music videos, and you are totally on edge until it is finally produced."

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