Sugarland Lends a Hand to New Parents

Jennifer Nettles' Advice for All the New Parents in Country Music's Baby Boom

Keep your baby close. That's pretty much the extent of what Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles had to say about raising kids when you're a touring country music artist.

Her son Magnus is already five years old, but she remembers exactly what it was like when he was brand new.

"The newborn phase is such a sweet phase," Nettles said in a recent radio interview, "and I just kept Magnus super, super close. I was like an attachment parent." Attachment parenting is the term coined by popular pediatrician Dr. William Sears for a kind of intense mothering that includes bonding right after birth, extended breastfeeding, baby-wearing and co-sleeping.

Nettles' motherly wisdom might be just what Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood, Tyler Hubbard, Brantley Gilbert and Shay Mooney need to hear. They're all in the thick of parenting their new babies, and probably love to hear what parents of older kids have to say.

"They're just so tiny, and they can't do anything, and they just want to eat and sleep and so do you," Nettles added.

Nettles is gearing up for Sugarland's new tour that starts on May 25, but she didn't say if she'd be bringing Magnus out on the road for the summer dates.

Still The Same by Sugarland on VEVO.

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