Jake Owen, Songwriters Celebrate "Beachin'"

Jaren Johnston, Joe Nite and Jimmy Robbins Honored by ASCAP for Summer Anthem

With summer coasting to an end, a crowd of music business folks gathered Monday (Sept. 22) at ASCAP's Nashville headquarters to salute the composers of the quintessential summer song of 2014, Jake Owen's "Beachin'."

Honored were songwriters and ASCAP members Jaren Johnston, Joe Nite and Jimmy Robbins. Owen was on hand to lead the cheering.

ASCAP's LeAnn Phelan opened the ceremonies by presenting Owen a plaque and thanking him for "making ('Beachin') a summer anthem for many summers to come."

For Nite, Phelan reported, it was his third No. 1 single and for Robbins his fifth.

Evyn Mustoe, creative manager at ASCAP and Johnston's wife, presented him his award, noting it was his third No. 1 single and pointing out that "Meanwhile Back at Mama's," the Tim McGraw hit he also co-wrote, is in the running for CMA single of the year.

All three writers praised Owen for his interpretation of their song. Robbins and Nite voiced their appreciation for how welcoming the Nashville music community had been to them when they were just getting started.

When it came Owen's time to speak, he beckoned his almost 2-year-old daughter Pearl to the stage.

Holding her in his left arm, the proud father sang the penultimate line from the chorus of "Beachin'" -- "Chillin', breezin', sippin', singin', whoa" -- and waited expectantly for Pearl to chime in with the final word, the song's title.

Instead, she shyly turned her face away from the crowd.

So he tried again. And this time, she sang in a tiny voice, "Beachin'."

Owen beamed with delight.

"You know a song's good," he said, "when a kid sings along with it."

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