Dierks Bentley and Fancy Hagood Discuss Supporting Mental Health Via The Music Health Alliance

"Everyone's coming together to support this community," noted Bentley during an appearance on TV program 'The Doctors'

"There are so many people in this business that are struggling right now, so there's a need to figure out how to keep everyone afloat. The [Music Health Alliance] is an important organization here in Nashville that looks after the health of our industry...everyone's coming together to support this community," noted celebrated country star Dierks Bentley on a recent episode of syndicated TV talk program The Doctors.

In under a decade, via the support of grants and individual and corporate donations, the MHA has provided free healthcare advocacy and support to more than 15,000 music industry members across 48 states. Songwriters, musicians, performers, producers, engineers, venue operators, artist managers, agents, publishers, business managers, and more have been provided access to medicine, mental health resources, COVID-19 relief, diagnostic tests, lifesaving transplants, end of life care, and many other necessary services. In total, more than $60 million in healthcare costs have been saved for the music community nationwide.

Singer/songwriter Fancy Hagood added that the Music Health Alliance is "a game-changer" for the music community. He continued to mention how the non-profit has provided aid to musicians during the pandemic as well as the destructive tornadoes that devastated parts of Tennessee last year.

MHA's services are free to any person who has worked in the music industry for three or more years or who has credited contributions to four commercially released recordings or videos. Spouses, partners, and children of qualifying individuals may also receive access to the non-profit’s services from birth to end of life.

For every $1 donation, MHA is able to provide $30 in life-saving healthcare resources. If interested in donating to the Music Health Alliance, the MHA is accepting funds via this link.

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