Blake Shelton Trolls Buddy Luke Bryan’s Jockey Commercial

Bryan first released the commercial last year, and it aired during Super Bowl LV

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline first released a commercial for Jockey last year, and the clip recently aired during Super Bowl LV.

Blake Shelton, who starred in an advertisement for Gildan in 2015, took the opportunity during an interview with CMT's Cody Alan to jokingly bash his buddy Bryan’s new commercial.

“Does the thought of Luke Bryan in underwear disgust you?” Alan asked Shelton.

“Well, it is disgusting, but it’s not surprising,” answered Shelton, who just released his new single, “Minimum Wage.” “Luke just seems like one of those guys that walks around his house in his underwear all day with pee stains on them. He just seems like that kind of guy, doesn’t he? If he doesn’t have to put clothes on, he probably doesn’t.”

After Alan noted that Bryan’s wife Caroline is also featured in the commercial, Shelton’s thoughts on the matter shifted.

“Caroline in her underwear doesn’t sound as disgusting to me,” he joked. “That’s just me, though.”

“I’m gay, and it sounds better to me!” Alan responded.

Bryan’s commercial features the country singer sitting on a couch, watching television, when Caroline enters the room to show him a few new pieces she’s received for an upcoming shoot for Jockey.

“Are you nervous?” Caroline asks.

“Am I nervous? I’ve been working out,” Bryan responds. He calls one pair his “go-to,” before Caroline then holds up another pair—of thong underwear.

“This is a prank, is what that is,” he says, just before his wife slingshots the underwear at him.

“’Bout took my eye out with that dental floss!” Bryan responds.

See Bryan’s Jockey ad below:

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