In the Studio, Kree Harrison Reunites With Her "Chosen Family Tree"

"I remember feeling recharged," she says.

A Texas native who found a national audience through American Idol, Kree Harrison is branching out with Chosen Family Tree, a new album she describes as her "most personal record yet and the perfect gumbo of my influences and aspirations as an artist."

Seven years after her American Idol run, Harrison is still delivering her powerful truth. In this live video for the title track, she reunites with friends and band members to remind us that friends are just as important as family -- and in fact, they can often become your family.

Take a look at "Chosen Family Tree," then read our interview with Kree Harrison below the player.

What do you remember most about the shoot for this video?

I remember feeling recharged after shooting this live performance video. I hadn’t been able to play music with a full band since quarantine started back in March. So, it was pretty therapeutic and amazing to be able to create with some of my chosen family again.

How does the video bring your song to life?

I think it captures the unconditional love that some of my chosen family and I have for each other. It also shows how much fun we have when we are in the same room and how important it is to have those type of people in your life.

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

That blood isn’t always thicker than water. That this stands true for someone who's been adopted to someone who just moved away to a new town. We all go through finding our own tribe and creating our chosen family. This video shows some of mine. I think people will be able to feel that and relate.

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

It got me so excited to want to do it again! I miss playing live shows and connecting with my band and fans, who’ve become by chosen family over the years. I’ll never take for granted another show, I'll tell you that. I feel really lucky that I was able to do this with them and I hope everyone who watches this can feel the love we have for each other.

Songwriters: Audra Mae, Fancy Hagood, Kree Harrison, Skylar Wilson; Directors: Cory B. Savage & Kat Davis

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