Ed Sheeran and Luke Combs Signed a Wall in Kelsea Ballerini's House

The leading country artist reminisces on wild times in her previous condo

When moving from home to home, there's usually a concern related to the loss of a favorite reading nook or adequate sunlight for living room plants. However, if you're "Hole In The Bottle" vocalist Kelsea Ballerini, you're missing a wall inscribed with signatures of country and pop's biggest stars of the past few years.

"The first person to sign it was Ed Sheeran. I don't know...then Luke signed the wall and it just became a thing. Anyone that came over would sign this wall or write a little message. It was like our wall of fame and then we moved so we had to paint over it. It was a sad day," Ballerini noted to's Coop on the Rockin' Country Saturday Night program.

"I loved having it," she continued, regarding the wall in her and her husband Morgan Evan's former abode. And she's ready to try a similar idea in her new home. "It was a fun thing for people to come sign but also I just loved having it for memories. So yes, I'm gonna start it now."

She also offered some background on her surging, 2020-released hit "Hole In The Bottle." "It was literally [a group of her singer-songwriter friends], getting a little wine-drunk and kind of jokingly writing this song," Ballerini stated. Related to the track's remix with Shania Twain, she added, "I've actually gotten a chance to have a couple of glasses of wine with Shania before. A lot of it made sense, so I just asked her."

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