'Redneck Island': Funny Man Rocky Davis Is One to Watch

Former Contestant Explains What He’s Up To and Where He’s Going Next

In the most recent episode of Redneck Island, we say goodbye to resident comedian Rocky Davis (@RockyDaleDavis).

This won’t be the last you’ll see of the former Redneck Island contestant. Davis’ passion lies in comedy, and he’s been busy off the island.

“I’ve actually already auditioned for Wild 'N Out in front of Nick Cannon and the producers. We did a few games and had a few rap battles. Nick Cannon actually called me ‘a crazy-ass white boy.’”

Here’s more from our recent conversation with Davis:

How long have you pursued comedy as a career?

I've been doing comedy for two years. My mom is the main reason I've had the opportunity. Her support has kept my dream alive.

I was actually writing music before, but I noticed I was enjoying writing funny songs than singing. The first year, I made maybe $20 off comedy driving three hours just to tell 10 minutes worth of jokes. I was also on the main stage at the Stardome two times before the owner finally saw me. It was then that he began booking me to open for big names like Tommy Davidson, John Morgan and Dominique.

Were there any great jokes in the house?

“At the Lake House” is a song where we would repeat the phrase “at the lake house” and then tell jokes about people between the choruses. We literally did this for three hours one night. Riley and Margaret are who I make fun of mostly.

Did you get in trouble for being a practical joker in school?

I pulled tons of jokes in high school but never got in trouble because I kissed ass. I was the homecoming king, SGA president and a star student but only had a C average. Shows how being charming means something. One time, I wrapped up a girl’s backpack and stuck it in the roof. Another time, I sprayed oil in the floor in home economics class. And I once changed a teacher’s background on her computer to someone naked.

Where do you draw comedic inspiration from?

I tell jokes from what I know. I've lived in a trailer park almost all my life. I write what I know, so for me, it's basically just how I can make someone understand and bring detail to what I live every day. And honestly, it's not that my comedy is so dirty. It's just the fact I want say what I want to say. I don't want to censor myself for anyone, and nothing is ever off limits. If you can cry about something, you should be able to laugh about it.

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