How to Steal Miranda Lambert's Crystal-Trimmed Look

Three Steps to Restyling Street Clothes Into Stage Bling

When I saw Miranda Lambert in these crystal-covered leather shorts, I had to have them. Not because I need them. But just because, well, they're shimmery, badass and would make a statement no matter what you paired them with.

Lambert paired hers with a simple white T-shirt emblazoned with "TOURIST" when she played the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Arena in Honolulu on Saturday (Sept. 20).

So in my exhaustive research to find the shorts, I saw that her stylist Tiffany Gifford had tweeted she'd made them kind of by hand. "Platinum project! #craftsbytiffany @swarovski @blankjeans #hawaii #platinumtour," she wrote.

The bad news? If I wanted them, I'd have to make them. The good news? All the supplies to do so cost me less than $100.

Here's how you can make a pair for yourself.

Step 1: Find Shorts for Blinging

Lambert's shorts were from Blank NYC, and since they're vegan leather instead of the real thing, they are cheap. I got the Little Queenie Bum Chums for around $60. But as long as you use shorts that are dark black, so that the crystals pop, you can even use shorts you already have.

Step 2: Get Crystals and Tools

If you want to use exactly what Lambert's shorts require, get the Swarovski Elements HotFix crystals and the HotFix tool. It's like a glue gun without the glue. I bought the tool and about 300 clear crystals in assorted sizes for under $40.

Step 3: Put the Bling on It

These shorts are not something you can throw together during your lunch break. I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to apply those 300 crystals, 150 in a random pattern on each side of the shorts front. But let's just say, however long you think it might take you, triple that. Once you get the hang of using the tool to apply the crystals, which already have glue on their backs, you do get into a bit of a groove. But I highly recommend binge-watching some Netflix to make the time go by faster.

Just remember, when blinging anything, patience is a virtue. If you rush through a cool project like this, you might end up with a Pinterest fail in your closet.

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