CMT Roundup: New Music from Kane Brown, Essex County, Niko Moon and More

Other artists who released new music this week include Avery Anna, Dustin Lynch, Randy Houser, Miranda Lambert and more

It's a family affair this week at CMT Roundup. Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, British brother trio Essex County and Niko Moon and his wife, Anna, all have new songs this week.

In addition, Miranda Lambert, Dustin Lynch, Kelly Clarkson and Dolly Parton, Randy Houser and more have flooded streaming services with new music. Check out CMT's Roundup playlist at the bottom of the page. 

Essex County, “Fire It Up”: A sexy country-rock fusion from British brother trio Essex County, “Fire It Up” will prompt female fans to reach for their red dresses at the same rate as Kip Moore’s “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck.” The brothers – Nate, Mark and Kieran Bass – co-wrote “Fire It Up” with Andrew Scott Wills with an eye on creating a smoldering, up-tempo track that leans into their ‘80s rock influences.

Lyrics include: It's getting hot in here| So take off that sexy red dress| Put your pretty lips on mine|Baby, let's unmake this bed one more time

“We wanted to get edgy with it and push it somewhere that a lot of country artists aren’t going,” Nate said. “We wanted massive drums and huge guitars. We can’t wait for people to hear it.”

“Fire It Up” is the follow-up to the group’s most recent single, "Next to Me" and the first release from their upcoming self-titled EP that will be available Sept. 30.

Kane and Katelyn Brown, "Thank God": Kane Brown says his fans have been waiting five years for him and his wife to sing together. The couple was just waiting on the right song. Written by Josh Hoge, Jackson Free, Kyle Fishman, Christian Davis and Jared Mullins, "Thank God" was the track the couple agreed on.

"'Thank God' came in, and I was like, 'This is the one,'" Brown said. "And she said the same thing, but I'm so glad I waited for this particular one to come out."

"Thank God" is from Brown's new 17-song album "Different Man," which is also home to his recent No. 1 songs "Like I Love Country Music" and "One Mississippi," as well as "Grand," "Whiskey Sour," and more.

"I keep telling everybody she's my secret weapon, but this song is just, like, us," Brown said. "I feel like it's any relationship song or anybody that's married or going to get married that just knows. It's like, 'God put you in my life for a reason.'"

Avery Anna, “what made you think?”:  Avery Anna is an articulate and introspective singer/songwriter who won the internet’s attention with her viral hit “Narcissist.” Now she’s back with a vulnerable ballad aimed at an ex who is over-sharing his feelings way past her point of caring.

Lyrics include: What made you think I should care what made you think of me

Avery Anna co-wrote the ballad alongside Andy Sheridan and Seth Ennis, and it’s from her debut EP, “Mood Swings,” which will be available Oct. 7. David Fanning produced the collection. Avery Anna co-wrote each of its seven songs.

“Mood Swings is made up of songs that are inspired by moments in my own life where I have felt either really happy, really in love, really confused, or even really sad,” she said. “These songs come straight from the heart, so I am so excited for you to hear them!”

BRELAND, "For What It's Worth": Breakout star BRELAND is changing the trajectory of country music with his genre-bending sound and innovative songwriting. The promising new artist blessed fans with his highly anticipated 14-song  debut record, "Cross Country," which includes "For What It's Worth." The New Jersey native co-wrote the reflective single with Greylan James, Jacob Durrett, and Rocky Block. The first-ever CMA nominated artist finds himself apologizing to an ex-lover for his actions. 

"For what it's worth, I hope that you're happy now | And that you found what you didn't in me |  For what it's worth, I'd trade everything I have |For what I had, I know that talk is cheap | But for what it's worth, I done did some growin' up |  I ain't out there gettin' drunk, I can be what you deserve | 'Cause now I see your heart, your mind, your every curve | And your love for what it's worth," BRELAND sings showcasing his soulful pipes and astonishing vocal range.

BRELAND's introductory album includes a wide range of tracks, from his hand-raising gospel hit "Praise the Lord" featuring Thomas Rhett and "Told You I Could Drink" with Lady A. The budding musician also has collaborations with Keith Urban, Mickey Guyton, and Ingrid Andress. 

"It's called 'Cross Country,' It's kind of me trying to show people what I think country music can also sound like. It's a term that I coined: the intersection of country and everything else. The whole project is kind of exploring that and trying to prove the hypothesis that country music can sound a million different ways," BRELAND told CMT. "It's a lot of fun, honestly. I've been putting it together for the past couple of years at this point. It doesn't fit cleanly inside any boxes. That's what I love about this project," he added. 

Niko Moon, "I Can't Wait To Love You": Fast-rising country artist Niko Moon will receive a new title in November – Dad. The Georgia native penned his lullaby-like track alongside his frequent collaborator and wife, Anna. The inspiration behind the song came to the country couple after they found out they were expecting their first child, Lily Anne Moon. The sentimental single lyrically touches upon parenthood and sonically sounds different from anything else in his impressive catalog. Although Moon's raspy southern drawl is placed on full display, the melody is more subdued and includes Anna's angelic vocals. 

"When you take your first breath | You're gon' take mine away | When you take your first step | I won't miss a thing |  When those monsters in the closet | Won't let you sleep at night | I'll chase 'em right on out | And make it all alright 'cause," delivers Moon with emotion. "I'm always gonna be | The steady rock you need | You're always gonna be |The best part of me," Anna effortlessly joined in on the chorus to create chilling harmonies.

Anna is a pop artist and savvy songwriter with credits on every track Moon has released to date. However, Moon believes that "I Can't Wait To Love You" is their best collaboration to date. 

"This is probably the most special song my wife and I have ever written together," the breakout star told CMT. "It's about our baby. It's such an unusual moment where you're falling in love with someone you haven't met yet – this is the only time. Every day I feel close, I'm getting closer and closer. Writing a song about that unique relationship between a parent and child before they are here, is a true pregnancy song." 

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