Kelsea Ballerini Rings In 2017 with Cushion-Cut

A Diamond Set in Diamonds and More Diamonds

This is what Kelsea Ballerini expects of the new year: More drive, heart, rest, speed, adventure, nerve, intention, balance, appreciation, hugs, grins, sparkles and music.

And diamonds. So many brilliant diamonds.

Now that Ballerini is engaged to Australian musician Morgan Evans, she is showing off her brand new engagement ring any chance she gets.

According to People, Evans helped design the ring to, get this, "be classic and beautiful, like her." He is almost too romantic to handle.

“I had the ring custom made with a diamond I picked from a local designer here in Nashville,” he said of the cushion-cut diamond that is surrounded by more diamonds all resting on a band of diamonds.

Ballerini is obviously madly in love with the new ring, sharing pictures on Instagram of how Evans asked her (while she was burning pancakes) and of her new bride-to-be coffee cup asking the really hard-hitting questions (Does this ring make me look engaged?).

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